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Dentons Europe
Law Firm
Dentons Europe is an international law firm with offices throughout the world, with a full-fledged office in Kyiv, Ukraine. The Ukrainian office of Dentons Europe has been active in Ukraine for more than 25 years and has successfully assisted clients with their projects in Ukraine
BDO Consulting
Consulting Firm
Representatives of Ukrainian business have been waiting a long time for a strong company on the market of audit and advisory services, a company that would work in the same style and at the same high quality level, as the world-known auditing and consulting companies, yet which would be domestic one with a deep local knowledge at the same time.

Today, BDO in Ukraine – is the leading audit and consulting company that provides a wide range of services in audit, tax and legal consulting, financial advisory, capital transactions, restructurings, management consulting, sustainable development and more.

About 200 employees work in offices located in Kiev and Dnipro.

Our specialists have CIPA and CAP certificates, international certificates АССА and CPA, and great practical IFRS and ISA experience.
BFM Group Ukraine
Real Business
BFM Group Ukraine – бренд, що поєднує команду незалежних фрілансерів - фахівців з багаторічним практичним досвідом управлінської, виробничої, інвестиційної, маркетингової та фінансової діяльності.

Наша перевага - репутація та напрацьовані компетенції. Недарма BFM Group входить до ТОП провідних консалтингових компаній України, а розроблені нами методики та стандарти підготовки інвестиційної документації визнані універсальними.

Ми не є теоретиками. Все, що робимо, засноване на власному практичному досвіді, а також аналізі помилок та оцінці досягнень наших колег.

Основні напрямки діяльності BFM Group Ukraine:

-Бізнес планування та інвестиційний консалтинг;
-Проектний консалтинг та організація контролю над реалізацією проектів;
Оцінка інвестиційної привабливості підприємств та підвищення вартості бізнесу
Law Firm
Dentons is an international law firm with offices throughout the worold. It has a fully operational office in Kyiv, Ukraine. Driven to provide clients a competitive edge, and connected to the communities where its clients want to do business, Dentons knows that understanding local cultures is crucial to successfully completing a deal, resolving a dispute or solving a business challenge.

Now the world's largest law firm, Dentons' global team builds agile, tailored solutions to meet the local, national and global needs of private and public clients of any size in 184 locations serving 76 countries.

Clients benefit from access to top-tier legal talent with experience in 25 sectors and 40 practices
Basis Vectors
Private Equity
We look to buyout and grow flat growth SaaS/Services Businesses in the $1M-$10M revenue range. Negative EBITDA is okay as well.

Company type: B2B SaaS companies with a niche market or vertical | Fine with both bootstrapped and invested companies
Size: Our sweet spot is $4M in revenue | 0% to 20% annual growth rate | Annual recurring revenue retention of 85%+
Revenue geographies: USA, Canada and Western Europe

Our investments include a mix of equity and seller financing. In special situations, we restructure the company to align the stakeholders for the future. We can move very fast especially in distressed situations.
Capital Times
Investment Bank
Capital Times is one of the leading investment banks in Ukraine and Belarus by the number of transactions and headcount.

The company was founded in 2006 and closed more than 25 large transactions since that time.

Capital Times is the only investment bank in Ukraine that is a part of the international network of M&A advisory firms - the Globalscope Partners with a presence in 45 countries. For 2019 we closed 157 deals with a total disclosed value of 3.2 billion euros.

Based on its long-term experience and existing opportunities, Capital Times offers unique solutions in M&A and Investment Banking areas to its clients. Capital Times team, together with owners of the businesses, develops a strategy to maximize business value.
Investment Bank Capital Times
Investment Bank
Capital Times is one of the leading investment banks in Ukraine and Belarus by amount of transactions and headcount.

Company was founded in 2006 and closed more than 25 large transactions since that time.

Capital Times is the only investment bank in Ukraine that is a part of the international network of M&A advisory firms - the Globalscope Partners with presence in 45 countries. For 2019 we closed 157 deals with a total disclosed value of 3.2 billion euros.

Based on its long-term experience and existing opportunities, Capital Times offers unique solutions in M&A and Investment Banking areas to its clients. Capital Times team, together with owners of the businesses, develops a strategy to maximize business value.
Real Business
Program-Ace, is Custom Software Development, IT Consulting services and Solution provider company. It is veteran of Ukraine software development industry with great international recognition and strong brand. With 25 years history, it is Global Top 100 outsourcing vendor (by International Association Outsourcing Professionals) and Global Top 5 AR/VR vendor (by Clutch). Program-Ace is the R&D and innovation-oriented company specialized on most prospective directions in the IT industry: Training and Simulation, AR, VR, MR, Game Development, Education and others.
Myxeta LLC
Real Business
Предприятие: Фармацевтическая компания, ориентированная преимущественно на разработку и реализацию новых, оригинальных, защищенных патентом, продуктов с быстрым выходом на внешние рынки (страны Таможенного и /или Евросоюза) и развитием следующих направлений:
Косметика, в том числе и для ежедневного применения
Ветеринария (в перспективе)
Функциональное питание (в перспективе)
Empire State Capital Partners
Investment Bank
Empire State Capital Partners is an investment company with Western roots headquartered in Ukraine. We offer services in capital markets advisory, mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance, venture capital and structured products. Our team is comprised of experienced professionals from United States, Europe, Australia and Ukraine, who have been involved in a wide variety of investment projects in CIS countries and overseas.
CMS Cameron McKenna Nabarro Olswang - Kyiv
Law Firm
CMS has a long tradition of breaking new ground in CEE, and this office very much builds on our market-leading presence in the region. With a booming economy, naturally many of our major clients are either already actively investing in the country, or else are considering it. Our presence in the market means we are well placed to support clients as they pursue these opportunities.
CMS in Kyiv gives you access to a top-tier national law firm with 30 domestic and internationally qualified lawyers, who combine their understanding of the Ukrainian market with the requirements and expectations of global organisations and investors.
ТОВ ППК Техобщемаш
Real Business
Компания специализируется на производстве санитарно-гигиенических видов бумаг. Наличие всех коммуникаций: газ, электричество, вода, канализация
Собственная электрическая подстанция, мощностью 4 МВт, которая дает возможность потреблять электроэнергию по первому классу
Собственная газовая котельная производства Bosch, производительностью 6т. пара в час, с рабочим давлением 1,6 МПа
Площадь производственного цеха 8668 м. кв.
Современная высокоскоростная бумагоделательная машина по лицензии концерна Voith
Машина укомплектована оборудованием производства всемирно известных марок Kadant, Lamort, Andritz, Krofta, Nash, Siemens
На территории промышленного комплекса есть техническая база по обслуживанию полного цикла производства
Ribas Hotels Group
Ribas Hotels Group — украинская сеть отелей, которая находится в управлении одноименной компании Ribas Hotels Group. Основатель — Артур Лупашко. В сеть входит 25 объектов. Компания профессионально управляет отелями. Для инвесторов создает рентабельный отельный проект.
Winter Capital Advisorste
Private Equity
Winter Capital Advisors is an investment advisory firm focused on private equity and venture capital in Russia and Europe. The team consists of 13 professionals with diverse experience in various industries including investment banking, strategic consulting and IT
Redcliffe Partners
Law Firm
Redcliffe Partners is a leading Ukrainian law firm that provides the full range of corporate legal services to large national enterprises, international companies, financial institutions and private investors who conduct business or investment activities in Ukraine.
Investment company INTELEVRAZ
Business Brokerage
Company INTELEVRAZ manages private investments, make assets capitalization and attract investment in projects.
We invest in Ukraine. Our experience, professionalism and efficiency
will help you achieve success
ISI Emerging Markets Group
DealWatch is the M&A intelligence service of EMIS. EMIS is part of ISI Emerging Markets Group - a leading provider of data, analysis and research for the world's fastest growing and highest potential countries.
Eterna Law
Law Firm
ETERNA LAW is a European full-cycle law firm possessing strong expertise in the CIS region. Founded in 2002 in the Ukrainian capital Kyiv, the firm grew rapidly and currently employs over 100 professionals and has 5 active offices (Kiev, Moscow, Almaty, Riga, Dusseldorf). We are continually named among the leaders of the market for quality, responsiveness and reliability of service, as well as for the depth of our expertise. We are a dynamic, client-oriented and solution-focused firm whose team of energetic, foreign-educated professionals provides concise and practical legal advice in a cost effective manner, while not compromising on quality.
Commitment, integrity and competence – is what we offer to our clients. Timely, practical, comprehensible and concise counsel with a clear action plan and guidance is the standard we adhere to. We consistently act in some of the most high-profile matters in the CIS for a broad range of clients, such as international financial institutions, corporations, government entities and non-governmental organizations across various industry sectors.
Our principal areas of focus are dispute resolution, corporate, M&A, tax, international finance, compliance, regulatory enforcement, public private partnership, intellectual property, capital markets, human rights, insolvency, construction, real estate acquisitions, oil and gas, transport and infrastructure.
We are TOP-tier law firm in Corporate and M&A by Legal 500 EMEA 2019.
IFG Naftachim LLC
Real Business
Import and wholesale of chemicals not produced in Ukraine for a wide variety of industries: feed, food, glass, detergent, rubber, building. etc. The company has a 70% share of country's market of sodium bicarbonate and is the biggest importer of PVC in Ukraine
Consulting Firm
Started as an alliance of advisory firms in the Baltic States, and headquartered in Estonia, CIVITTA is now the leading management consultancy from Central Eastern Europe.

Our consultants support companies interested in and operating in over 40 countries in Europe, Asia, and the Americas, resulting in more than 10 000 completed projects.

CIVITTA challenges the traditional management consulting industry, providing high-quality fact-based and analytically rigorous consulting services to all clients at a reasonable price. We consult private and public sector clients and help them challenge their own industries by becoming more innovative, efficient and dynamic.
Zachert Private Equity GmbH
Private Equity
As an investor with an entrepreneurial background, Olaf Zachert invests in undervalued companies in special situations as well as in capital measures of established, medium-sized companies. The focus is on capital measures of established companies for growth projects, acquisitions (buy & build strategies), refinancing, rectification of shareholder conflicts by buying their shares or for the financing and implementation of IPOs.
Consulting Firm
KPMG is a network of professional service firms and one of the Big Four auditors, along with Deloitte, Ernst & Young (EY), and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC).

Seated in Amstelveen, the Netherlands, KPMG employs 207,050 people[4] and has three lines of services: financial audit, tax, and advisory. Its tax and advisory services are further divided into various service groups.

The name "KPMG" stands for "Klynveld Peat Marwick Goerdeler." It was chosen when KMG (Klynveld Main Goerdeler) merged with Peat Marwick in 1987
Real Business
The largest Ukrainian telecommunication operator providing communications and data services based on a broad range of mobile and fixed-line technologies, including 4G. Company's customer base amounts to over 26 million in mobile and around 900 thousand in broadband internet.
Balkin&Velychko strategy consulting
Consulting Firm
«Balkin & Velychko» — украинская консалтинговая компания, специализирующаяся в области стратегического консалтинга для среднего бизнеса.

Основным направлением нашей деятельности является решение сложных бизнес-задач посредством разработки стратегических решений и внедрения стратегических изменений. При разработке стратегий мы используем экспертно-аналитический подход, который предполагает проведение собственного, независимого анализа сложившейся ситуации, а также предложение клиенту системных и креативных альтернатив управленческих решений. На этапе внедрения стратегических изменений мы помогаем клиентам создать эффективные инструменты контроля за реализацией стратегии, разрабатываем и сопровождаем изменения в процессах и структуре компании.

Нашими ключевыми клиентами, как правило, являются Инвесторы, Управляющие собственники и Генеральные директора компаний. Мы ведем постоянную исследовательскую работу по выявлению проблем, стоящих перед нашими клиентами и расширению спектра предлагаемых им услуг. Наша профессиональная и креативная команда имеет безупречную репутацию, практичные технологии и многолетний опыт планирования и сопровождения стратегического развития бизнеса в Украине и странах СНГ.
Capital Times
Investment Bank
The leading investment company with offices in Ukraine and Belarus.
Main target sectors:
IT, Agri, Logistcs, Renewables.
Capital Times is a member of one of the biggest M&A advisory network - Globalscope Partners, represented in 48 countries.
Uvecon Kharkiv
Consulting Firm
«Увекон» є одним з найбільших і найдосвідченіших мережевих підприємств в області оцінки й консалтингу в Україні з багаторічним досвідом практичної діяльності з оцінки державного, комунального та приватного майна.

Всі підприємства групи компаній «Увекон» є суб’єктами оціночної діяльності відповідно до вимог Закону України «Про оцінку майна, майнових прав та професійну оціночну діяльність в Україні», що підтверджено відповідними Сертифікатами та Свідоцтвами фахівців компанії, зокрема:
сертифікатами суб’єктів оціночної діяльності, що видані Фондом державного майна України;
ліцензіями на проведення землевпорядних та землеоціночних робіт, що видані Державним агентством з земельних ресурсів;
кваліфікаційними свідоцтва оцінювачів,
посвідченнями про підвищення кваліфікації оцінювачів.
Провідні фахівці компаній «Увекон» мають сертифікати Міжнародної професійної організації з нерухомості RICS та Європейської Асоціації Оцінювачів TEGoVA, чотири співробітники «Увекон» відзначені званням «заслужений експерт-оцінювач» - вищої професійної кваліфікації в Україні, і є членами Експертної Ради Українського товариства оцінювачів.
OMC Consulting Amsterdam
Consulting Firm
OMC Consulting is your reliable financial partner in the European market. Our goal is to deliver the best services to our customers, that is why we value our integrity and product quality above anything else. Each and every part of our philosophy is derived from our complete commitment to our clients. We based our company on the values of partner communication, delivery quality, integrity and sustainability to open you the access to our expertise and in-house knowledge.
Эффективные инвестиции
Real Business
Группу компаний «Эффективные инвестиции» основано в 2007 году. Корпоративный центр группы компаний осуществляет свою деятельность в различных сферах экономики: сельском хозяйстве, целлюлозной промышленности, строительстве, газовой промышленности, энергетике, креативной индустрии, машиностроении и угольной промышленности.
Law Firm
Jurvneshservice is an acknowledged leader in the international lawyer services. We offer high-quality legal support in various areas of business concerning the issues of the contemporary Ukrainian market. Our in-depth knowledge and long-lasting experience enable us to deliver world-class international legal services to both Ukrainian and foreign companies.
Consulting Firm
Financial Advisory
In today’s highly complex international marketplace, getting advice from specialists that you can trust is essential. Our team of experts can guide you through the complexities of M&A transactions, valuation, financial investigations, restructuring and corporate governance.