14 July 15

The information about this transaction became known in the course of a business-forum in Washington, where the director of Horizon Capital Fund Yelena Kosharna announced investments of the fund into a Ukrainian company without specifying its name. However, in his Twitter account the Minister for Economic Development of Ukraine Aivaras Abromavicius disclosed the name of the company in which the private equity fund Horizon Capital invested its capital.

Experts estimate the turnover of the company Rozetka.ua at USD 200-300 mln. According to Denis Dovhopolyi, Managing Partner at GrowthUp Group, investors estimate Rozetka.ua at USD 200-700 mln. Due to the fact that Horizon Capital typically acts as a minority shareholder in its transactions, its share in the online store will be between 5 and 15%.

Through the whole time of its existence, the largest online store Rozetka.ua has never attracted investments.

Horizon Capital was funded in 2006. It manages three funds - Emerging Europe Growth Fund (EEGF), EEGF II and Western NIS Enterprise Fund (WNISEF), the total capital of the three is more than USD 600 mln.

The owner of LLC Rozetka.ua (Kyiv) is Temania Enterprises Limited (Cyprus), and the final beneficiary is V.Chechetkin. The authorized capital of the company is UAH 1 thousand. The net profit of the company grew 4.1. times in 2013, up to UAH 749.12 mln, and the net revenue was UAH 1.06 mln in comparison to the net loss of UAH 5.33 mln in 2012.

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