March 18, 2014

According to "Capital", Dnepropetrovsk supermarket chain Varus buys "Perekriostok" stores. Varus will control 13 sales outlets, the right to lease the premises and equipment, as well as the remains of the goods in warehouses. In two or three months it is planned to rename "Perekriostok" stores into Varus.

Chain of stores "Perekriostok" belongs to the Russian group X5 Retail, which ranks second in terms of revenue in Russia. According to the estimates of Alexandr Lanetskiy, the managing partner of the consulting company Retainet, the cost of the Ukrainian part of the X5 Retail Group business can amount to USD 5-10 million.

The chain "Perekriostok" has been working in Ukraine for ten years and is the last Russian retailer in Ukraine.

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