11 January 2016

Swiss based Glusco Energy S. A. is rumored to be acquiring Rosneft’s filling stations chain in Ukraine. Ukraine Antimonopoly Committee (UAC) is cited as an unofficial source of this information.

4th of January 2016 is indicated as the application date to UAC. Both UAC and “RN-Ukraine” (operates the Rosneft’s chain) are not commenting on the issue.

Glusco Energy S. A. is a part of Proton Energy Group S. A. which is registered in Geneva as a trading company engaged in commodities, cereals and edible oils trading. In Ukraine Proton Energy Group S. A. is active in diesel fuel supplies through the sea ports. According to the publicly available information authorized capital of Glusco Energy S. A. is c. CHF 100 000.

Rosneft’s chain in Ukraine supposedly includes “TNK”, “Zolotoy Gepard”, “Smile”, “Formula” brands which combine more than 140 facilities in 12 regions of Ukraine.

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