15 July 2015

Bulgarian Euroins Insurance Group obtained a permission of the Anti-Monopoly Committee of Ukraine to purchase stock shares of PJC HDI Strakhovanie in the amount which assures it more than 50% of votes in the highest management body of the company.

The head of the Insurance Commission of the Ukrainian Society of Financial Analysts Viacheslav Cherniakhovskyi notes that this transaction is not purely technical. Euroins Insurance Group is a small company which intends to enter the markets of Central and Eastern Europe. The company has already bought enterprises Interamerican Bulgaria and QBE in Bulgaria and Romania.

In March this year, Euroins Insurance Group announced the purchase of 10% of shares in the insurance company HDI Strakhovanie. At the same time, the stock of shares of the company Talanx Group (Germany), which is a part of the HDI-Gerling International Holding shrank from 99.29% to 89.29%.

The company Euroins Insurance Group was founded in 2007 in Bulgaria. It is a subsidiary of Eurohold Bulgaria AD. As of now, Euroins Insurance Group operates in five countries, and the total amount of its gross written premium is more than EUR 200 mln.

Insurance Company HDI Strakhovanie is a joint-stock company specializing in insurance against risks.

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