13 May 2015

On January 23, 2015, the largest Ukrainian sugar manufacturer agricultural holding Astarta completed its transaction of purchase of Savintsa-Agro LLC (Kharkiv Region), reports the Delo.ua.

According to the quarterly report of Astarta, the cost of the transaction is EUR 462 thousand (UAH 11.746 mln). Upon the transaction, the agricultural holding controls 99.98% of the company Savintsa-Agro LLC, which specialises in growing technical and other crops.

The agricultural holding Astarta consists of nine sugar plants, an agricultural enterprise with a land bank of around 245 thousand ha and dairy farms. Last year the holding launched a soy processing plant in Poltava Region (Hlobynskyi Processing Plant LLC).

In the first quarter, the net loss of Astarta in hryvnias was UAH 687.25 mln, the proceeds were UAH 1.342 bln, the gross profit was UAH 1.045 bln and the operating profit was UAH 862.55 mln.

The Agro-industrial holding closed 2014 with a net loss of EUR 68.08 mln compared to EUR 22.3 mln of net profit of the previous year. The consolidated proceeds of Astarta increased by 7.6% in the previous year up to EUR 351.9 mln, the operating profit grew almost 2.7 times, up to EUR 91.5 mln, and the gross profit grew 1.6 times, up to EUR 130.9 mln.

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