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About MT Invest

"MT-Invest" LTD is a specialized operator on the mergers and acquisitions market in Ukraine and provides services of the purchase and sale of businesses as well as raising investments.

The Company has been operating in the M&A market since 2007 and has already established itself as a professional consultant and reliable supplier of high-quality services of supporting international transactions. With a skillful team of professionals and managers endowed with real business background, a wide range of established business contacts and powerful data base the Company consolidated its unshakable position as one of the leading operators of the mergers and acquisitions market, whom the clients trust future of their business.


“MT-Invest” LTD renders full spectrum of services on mergers and acquisitions market. Our Company clearly realizes the responsibility in preparation of our clients for correct way of negotiation process. We always remember that every brand, first of all, consists of people with their way of thinking, visions and positions. Our task is not to miss any details, take into account all factors and risks, minimize a possibility of misunderstanding or some other negative emotions from the side of future partners.

  • Searching for buyers

    - Coordination of the price for selling assets, preparation of presentations and conducting due diligence.
    - Finding the buyer for making transaction.
    - Organization of negotiating process, creation of arguments for the seller and motivation for the buyer.
    - Structuring of the deal.
    - Finishing negotiation by closing the deal and signing the agreement between the buyer and the seller.

  • Searching for sellers

    - Getting a proposal about finding targets for M&A process, determining the main criteria of such targets (sphere of the business activity, price etc.).
    - Evaluating the attractiveness of the given market.
    - Selecting targets.
    - Organizing negotiations between the interested parties, evaluating assets and audit of financial accounts of the facility.
    - Completing negotiations closing the deal and signing the agreement between the buyer and the seller.

  • Attracting the strategic investor or financial partner to get additional share capital

    Organizing the search for interested strategic or financial partners to raise additional share capital.


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Myroslav Tabakharnyuk

Founder, Head of the Supervisory Board

Yaroslav Falendysh

Yaroslav Falendysh

General Director

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