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Real Business
Mercer International
Mercer is one of the world's largest producers of NBSK market pulp and has become a leader among forest products companies in embracing the economy and maximizing the value of our forest resources. Our large-scale, modern mills produce not only NBSK pulp, but also biomass-based green energy and chemicals
Consulting Firm
ФОП Грищенко Е.А.
Від початку своєї діяльності ми виконували роботи від оцінки нерухомості до оцінки цілісних майнових комплексів та нематеріальних активів, за спеціалізаціями:

1.1. оцінка нерухомого майна, в тому числі експертна грошова оцінка земельних ділянок
1.2. оцінка машин та обладнання
1.3. оцінка дорожніх транспортних засобів
1.4. оцінка літальних апаратів
1.5. оцінка судноплавних засобів
1.7. оцінка рухомих речей
2.1. оцінка цілісних майнових комплексів, паїв, цінних паперів, майнових прав та нематеріальних активів
2.2. оцінка прав на об'єкти інтелектуальної власності

За роки роботи на ринку нами була сформована широка мережа філіальних представництв з висококваліфікованих оцінювачів. Оцінювачі компанії є членами Відкритого Незалежного Клубу Оцінювачів, що об'єднує понад 5000 оцінювачів країни, та є членами саморегулівних організацій оцінювачів УТО, АСБОУ, ВСЕО, Ліга оцінювачів земель.
Клієнтами ФОП Грищенко Є.А. є приватні, державні та комунальні підприємства, банки, страхові та аудиторські компанії
Consulting Firm
Providing the analytical data to companies.
Consulting company SIDCON was registered in 2002. SIDCON provides a full range of information and analytical services for both strategic planning and solving current everyday problems.

The company is a member of:

Ukrainian National Committee of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC Ukraine)
Exporters and Investors Council under the MFA of Ukraine;
Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine (CCIU);
Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Kyiv (KCCI);
Chamber of Commerce and Industry of London (LCCI);
World Association of Detectives (WAD).
Consulting Firm
Musa Consultant LLC
Gateways may be the only business consultancy in the world to offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee if clients are not happy with the deliverables… a guarantee that Gateways can offer with confidence because of the extensive and intensive experience of its team of world-class consultants. This is a team that comes with genuine pedigrees, experience and wisdom.
Law Firm
Ефективно поєднуємо відмінне знання і глибоке розуміння українського законодавства, багаторічну юридичну практику та беззаперечне дотримання кращих світових стандартів надання юридичних послуг. Міжнародні та національні дослідження і рейтингові програми, які базуються на опитуванні клієнтів щодо рівня задоволеності юридичними послугами, підтверджують провідні позиції нашої фірми.
Real Business
Ресторан-кондитерская, авторская кухня, уникальные десерты, конфеты из натурального бельгийского шоколада. Торты на заказ, бизнес-ланч. Находится в проходных местах, есть постоянные клиенты. Полностью сформирован коллектив.
Audit Firm
Deloitte Ukraine
Deloitte is a UK-incorporated multinational professional services network. Deloitte is one of the "Big Four" accounting organizations and the largest professional services network in the world by revenue and number of professionals
Investment Bank
Dragon Capital
Dragon Capital is a leading Ukrainian group of companies in the field of investment and financial services, offering a comprehensive range of products in equities and fixed income sales, trading and research, investment banking, private equity and asset management to institutional, corporate and private clients. Established in 2000, the company was minority-owned from 2007-2017 by Goldman Sachs, one of the largest global banks.
Private Equity
The Private Equity arm of medium-sized Family Office with portfolio assets in real estate, restaurant, textile products, e-commerce, fintech & other sectors. We are actively looking for investment opportunities in Ukraine.
Real Business
Yuria-Pharm Llc
Yuria-Pharm LLc is the international Pharmaceutical Corporation, leader in hospital market in Ukraine and CIS countries. We create unique solutions to improve health and treat people all around the world.
Yuria-Pharm was the first in Ukraine that started the industrial production of infusion solutions to become the world’s largest, most diversified pharmaceutical company. GMP EU certified manufacturing and ISO quality control system, more than 2000 employees, annual turnover – up to 100 million units of products, annual growth rate – more than 40%.
TERRA FOOD is fast growing dairy company, leader of the butter, spreads and cheese markets in Ukraine. TERRA FOOD consolidate dairy units of the TERRA FOOD Group – one of the largest vertically structured integrated holding which is developing business in three sectors (dairy, meat and agro) and has production facilities in both Ukraine.

Today TERRA FOOD – #1 in the dairy products manufacturing in Ukraine. The absolute leader in production of packaged butter, the leader in production of spreads and a leader in domestic sales of processed cheese in Ukraine.

The company is a strong player on the international market, however our production is exported to more than 40 countries of the world.

The production facilities of the TERRA FOOD company include 19 factories.

The businesses of the TERRA FOOD company are certified in accordance to the international quality management system ISO 9001, food safety management ISO 22000 and environmental management ISO 14001.

The general production capacity of the TERRA FOOD company is comprised of:

milk processing – 553 000 tonnes per year;
production of butter and spreads – 113 600 tonnes per year;
production of cheese – 54 000 tonnes per year;
production of fresh milk products – 80 000 tonnes per year;
production of soft cheese – 2 900 tonnes per year.
The company's key brands are: Tulchinka, Ferma, Premialle, Bila Linia.

The high quality of production by the TERRA FOOD company is confirmed by more than 30 awards of both national and international competitions and tastings, amongst which include: Choice of the year (2011) and Brand of the year (2009), Prize of the CIS in the sphere of quality (2009), laureate diploma at the all-Ukrainian event Leader of Products and Services of Ukraine (2007) and a diploma for the Standard of Quality of the image recognition programme Public recognition (2006).
Real Business
ZEO Alliance
ZEO Alliance is a technology driven company creating products and experiences that positively impact the world. We are the company where the skills of world-class engineers collide with the creative instincts of entrepreneurs.

We offer all our employees the challenging environment and a chance to become a part of geeks community that works together to advance company’s mission to CREATE A NEW NORMAL.

We are inspired by the entire process of creating products and competing in the global market, from the USA to Asia.
Consulting Firm
CP Investments
CP Investments is part of the CP Group. As a transactional partner, it provides advisory services to investors at all transaction stages.

CP Investments, with the support of CP Legal and Compliance Partners, combines the competences of extensive financial, legal and tax advisory services, which allows for a comprehensive implementation of the investment goals of its clients and an efficient transaction process.

Due to its deep knowledge of the market and extensive network of business relationships, clients can receive a comprehensive overview of the offers of financial institutions, access to potential individual investors and to private equity/venture capital funds.
Real Business
New Skylines
The cocmpany and its CEA are authorized to sell businesses and real estate objects located in Ukraine. We just started this direction in our company, having some interesting offers to acquire. It would be a pleasure to cooperate with you.
Law Firm
EVERLEGAL - is an independent sector-focused Ukrainian law firm. We pride ourselves on being a "green" law firm.

Our team is a synergetic combination of professionals from the Kyiv offices of international law firms and the local Ukrainian litigation firm.

We aspire to be a legal business partner for our clients and we measure our success by how successful our clients are in achieving their business goals.

We help you get your jobs done and enable your business progress.

We work with start-ups, mid-size and growing businesses as well as industry leaders with global brands.

We give our clients high quality and commercial legal advice based on the profound understanding of each client’s business.
Real Business
PhosAgro-Ukraine LLC
Wholesale trading - mineral macro-fertilizers (nitrogen fertilisers and ammonia) and feed additives of major producers. Ukrainian tradehouse of PhosAgro Group, world’s leading producers of phosphate-based fertilisers.
Consulting Firm
Международная компания, предоставляющая услуги в сфере международного структурирования бизнеса и налогового планирования. Экспертиза в сфере зарубежного корпоративного и налогового права. Более 12-ти лет мы помогаем украинским и зарубежным компаниям оставаться эффективными и адаптироваться в ситуации постоянно меняющихся правил ведения бизнеса и международного налогового законодательства.
Consulting Firm
Deloitte is one of the "Big Four" accounting organizations and the largest professional services network in the world by revenue and number of professionals. Deloitte provides audit, tax, consulting, enterprise risk and financial advisory services with more than 263,900 professionals globally. In FY 2017, the company earned a record $38.8 billion USD in revenues.
Investment Bank
SP Advisors
SP Advisors is a full-service investment house focused on advisory, asset management, and merchant banking, operating in Ukraine, Georgia, and Eastern Europe. Established in 2011, we have assembled a veteran management and corporate advisory team with experience in the Eastern European investment space. The SP Advisors team offers a one-stop shop for equity and debt instruments, as well as corporate finance advisory.
Private Equity
Horizon Capital
Horizon Capital is a private equity and venture capital firm specializing in buyouts, growth capital, and expansion opportunities. The firm seeks to invest in early stage and emerging growth stages serving the emerging middle class. In the case of expansion opportunities, the firm prefers to invest in industry leaders in fast growing sectors
Law Firm
PwC Legal
We are a team of legal experts with solid experience in local and international legislation within the largest professional network of 2500 lawyers across 83 countries.
In Ukraine we bring together teams of specialists in legal services and other disciplines such as tax, assurance, and business consulting to work as your trusted business advisers.
Consulting Firm
Goldman Milestone
Goldman Milestone specializes in a strategic financial and investment consultancy services: fund raising, comprehensive consulting on strategy and corporate finance, evaluation of investment attractiveness and its further implementation.

Asset management, in terms of venture/start-up and private equity investments, is an integarl part of our operations.

We are always keen to combine tactics with strategy that creates synergies for both our clients and for own projects in which we participate as a financial and manging partner.
Investment Bank
Dragon Capital
Dragon Capital is a leading Ukrainian group of companies in the field of investment and financial services, offering a comprehensive range of products in equities and fixed income sales, trading and research, investment banking, private equity and asset management to institutional, corporate and private clients. Established in 2000, the company was minority-owned from 2007-2017 by Goldman Sachs, one of the largest global banks.

Dragon Capital accounts for the largest share of turnover on the Ukrainian stock market, carrying out approximately a third of reported transactions. The company also dominates the Ukrainian debt market, it DCM team advising leading corporates and banks on raising debt through local bonds, Eurobonds, structured finance and bilateral debt. Dragon’s fixed-income sales and trading division acts as a market maker in both domestic and international debt instruments.

We have completed more than 100 capital-raising, advisory and M&A deals since inception, raising more than $5bn in new capital. Our core investment banking products are domestic and cross border M&A transactions, IPOs, private placements, and debt financing including issuance of local bonds and Eurobonds.

Dragon Capital has a successful 15-year-plus track record of private equity investments in leading manufacturers of goods and service providers in Ukraine, as well as in landmark residential and commercial real estate projects. Having successfully invested in various Ukrainian enterprises since 2001, committing both its own funds and those of its international partners, Dragon Capital boasts a leading team of professionals in the private equity business with an impeccable reputation for partnership.

Dragon Capital is a winner of Euromoney’s Best Equity House in Ukraine award and was recognized by the same publication for the Best Investment Banking Capabilities in Ukraine in 2015-2017. Thomson Reuters Extel and Institutional Investor surveys have recognized Dragon Capital analysts as the leading Ukrainian equity research team in 2007-2014. Financial publication Emea Finance named the company Best Broker and Best Local Investment Bank in Ukraine in 2013 and 2014.

Dragon Capital was named Ukraine’s Stock Market Leader (2010-2016) by the Ukrainian Exchange.
Investment Bank
Dragon Capital
Dragon Capital is a leading Ukrainian group of companies in the field of investment and financial services, offering a comprehensive range of products in equities and fixed income sales, trading and research, investment banking, private equity and asset management to institutional, corporate and private clients.
Компанія 4Service вже майже 15 років займається дослідженням і поліпшенням клієнтського досвіду.
У нас тисячі очей і вух. Точніше, у нас під рукою 300000 звичайних людей, які хочуть зробити свій клієнтський досвід краще. Ми всюди: говоримо на 29 мовах і працюємо в 52 країнах світу. У нас є потужний аналітичний центр, де ми стежимо за кожною вібрацією громадської думки про вас і ваш бізнес.
Law Firm
- is a company that provides a range of services in the field of
jurisprudence and counseling. 20 years of active work allowed us to form
a staff of leading specialists, as well as win the trust of customers and
business partners in Turkey, Australia, Germany, USA, Canada, England,
Poland, the Czech Republic and other countries
Law Firm
Юридическая компания номер один для агробизнеса. Специализируемся на сопровождении инвестиционных проектов и сделок M&A. Благодаря увлеченности своим делом, наша компетенция шире юридической. Используя творческую энергию и интеллект, обеспечиваем справедливость, достигаем наилучшего результата и формируем новую бизнес-реальность.
В группу StarLightMedia входят шесть телеканалов: СТБ, ICTV, Новый канал, М1, М2, ОЦЕ.

В составе медиагруппы работают три сейлз-хауза.

StarLight Sales реализует прямую рекламу.[5].

StarLight Brand Content реализует непрямую рекламу (спонсорство, продакт-плейсмент).[6].

StarLight Digital Sales — цифровой сейлз-хауз, который продаёт рекламные возможности онлайн-ресурсов группы StarLightMedia и других площадок[7][8][9].

StarLight Commercial Production создаёт аудиовизуальные материалы для коммерческих брендов, интеграции брендов в телешоу и снимает прямую рекламу.

StarLight Films создаёт телефильмы, сериалы, документалистику, музыкальные клипы. В марте 2014 года в эфир телеканала СТБ вышел снятый StarLight Films сериал «Скорая помощь»[10], адаптация оригинального американского телесериала Скорая помощь.

Vavёrka Production — компания по производству ситкомов и продуктов в других комедийных телевизионных жанрах. В 2014 году выпустили сериал-скетчком «Коли ми вдома»
Другие направления бизнеса

StarLight Rental сдаёт в аренду оборудование для телепроизодства.

StarLight Scenery разрабатывает и производит декорации, сцены и реквизит для съемок.
StarLight Digital — компания по производству, развитию и монетизации онлайн-ресурсов.

StarLight Entertainment занимается созданием зон развлечений.
Consulting Firm
Deloitte Ukraine
Компанія «Делойт» в Україні є частиною компанії «Делойт СНД Холдингз Лімітед» («Делойт», СНД) – компанії, що входить до складу об’єднання «Делойт Туш Томацу Лімітед».

«Делойт» – це бренд, що об'єднує десятки тисяч висококласних фахівців, які працюють у незалежних фірмах і забезпечують надання послуг у сфері аудиту, управлінського та фінансового консультування, управління ризиками, оподаткування і супутніх послуг. Ці фірми є учасниками об’єднання «Делойт Туш Томацу Лімітед», приватної компанії, відповідальність учасників якої обмежено наданими ними гарантіями, зареєстрованої відповідно до законодавства Великобританії («ДТТЛ»). Кожна фірма, що входить до складу об’єднання «ДТТЛ», надає послуги в межах певного географічного регіону та провадить свою діяльність відповідно до законодавства й нормативно-правових актів, що регулюють професійну діяльність на території такої країни чи країн.
Audit Firm
Ebner Stolz
Ebner Stolz has a clear focus: mid-size companies. We understand these companies and operate the way the owner of a mid-size business would. Our success is built on a clear personnel structure: our clients can rely on a single contact person with broad, solid expertise and a team of colleagues who have experience serving the client. For complex issues and special assignments, we bring in Ebner Stolz specialists with unique expertise.From the tax code to customs laws, from German accounting rules to the IFRS's, and from legal pitfalls to the challenges of running a business – our more than 1,300 partners and employees can provide you with expert answers to all your questions.