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The most noteworthy deals in Ukraine in 2020
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The most noteworthy deals in Ukraine in 2020 are presented in this infographic. Check them out here.

Complete database of mergers and acquisitions in Ukraine. Major transactions in the Ukrainian M&A market. You may apply different filters to the M&A Database and export results to excel or pdf format.

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Financial Investors

Strategic Investors

Private Equity Funds in Ukraine are such as private equity funds Horizon Capital, Sigma Bleyzer, East Capital, Dragon Capital, Icon Private Equity, Euroventures Ukraine (EVU)

Venture capital funds in Ukraine are venture funds such as Chernovetskyi Investment Group, TA Ventures, AVentures Capital, Dekarta Capital and others.

Strategic investors – investors (typically companies) that invests primarily for strategic rather than financial (return) purposes – for example, in order to gain future access to a key new technology or product.